Project Description

University of NSW Third Year Landscape Architecture Student Projects

Don Do – Natural Swimming Holes

“Celebrating the site’s natural rock formations and bowl-shaped topography with Water Sensitive Urban Design terraces that feed into wild swimming holes, accommodate bird habitats, and provide the setting for a mixed-use event space.

Stormwater runoff is captured and filtered through a series of terraces using natural processes. The treated water feeds into wild swimming holes overlooking the quarry void. Bird habitat and wetland lookouts are provided around the quarry edges and park visitors are encouraged to visit the Diatreme Gallery to view this unique geological formation. The new water regime forms a dramatic backdrop for events to take place.

Rehabilitation of native bushland creates new linkages between suburb and forest and heritage features found around the site are preserved and protected for future generations.

– Don Do

Pathways and  built form

Vegetation and open space


Masterplan concept

Detailed landscape plan

Natural swimming holes


Event space / promenade

Water cycle