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Discover the new landform

A dramatic transformation has been taking place at the old Hornsby Quarry. For the past 18 months, fill material from the NorthConnex tunnel project has been placed into the quarry void to raise the ground level and stabilise the steep slopes. As these works are nearing completion a new landform is starting to emerge.

The new landform has been designed to create a variety of flexible spaces that are suitable for a range of activities.

In the raised floor of the quarry void, a water body is expected to be created, fed by groundwater and rainfall. From the water’s edge, the landform will rise up, broadly forming an amphitheatre, with graded entry from the western and northern sides. Within the eastern face of the quarried walls, the geological formation of a volcanic diatreme will be preserved. Extensive rehabilitation of the surrounding bushland will be undertaken to create a bushland backdrop for the amphitheatre.

A variety of other recreation areas will be provided in Old Mans Valley, around the old crusher plant buildings and in the south-west corner of the site.

Until these works can be completed, the quarry will remain closed to public access due to risks associated with potential rock falls. Rehabilitation works will be undertaken to make the site safe for future public access. Once rehabilitation works are complete, the old quarry will form a dramatic centrepiece to the new Hornsby Park.

Hornsby Quarry
The buildings of the old Crusher Plant can potentially be converted to house cafes, a cultural center or art exhibition space. Small level areas will be created around the existing buildings for complementary outdoor activities.

Images (clockwise): Casula Powerhouse Museum; Indoor climbing; Children play area; Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre; Brisbane Powerhouse;  Centennial Park Cafe;

The recreation area in the south-west corner of the site will range from gently undulating open spaces to steep bushland embankments, ideal for camping, bushwalking and other outdoor activities.

Images (clockwise): camping;  toboggan runs;  high ropes;  access stairs; bushwalking.

The centerpiece of Hornsby Park will be a large amphitheatre that gently slopes down to a lake and wetlands in the quarry void. An interesting geological formation of a volcanic diatreme will be preserved in the eastern quarry cliff faces. There is potential for water based activities as well as outdoor movies and performances.
The steep northern embankment will be regraded and rehabilitated with native vegetation. Walking trails, lookouts and rest areas will be incorporated into this area.

Images (clockwise): zipline; amphitheatre; embankment stabilsation;  water-based activities.

Old Mans Valley will continue to host the popular Hornsby Mountain Bike Trail as well as provide opportunities for a sportsground and bushwalking trails. There will be plenty of room to run and kick a ball in the large open space provided.

Images (clockwise): picnic areas; mountain biking; sportsgrounds;  bushwalking; .