Engagement Process

Council will be engaging with the community on a regular basis until the new parkland is opened to the public.

Our initial engagement campaign, ‘Plan Your Parkland’ called for your high-level ideas on the activities, uses and attractions you’d like to see once the quarry site has been transformed. The active 6 week engagement period has now closed. The activities undertaken included:

  1. ‘Plan Your Parkland’ website and social media – Complete
    This website will be the primary source of information and point of contact for the local community. The wider community is invited to contribute their ideas by completing the online survey, making a written submission or uploading a design idea or images.
  2. Community Deliberative Forum – Ongoing
    To anchor the engagement process in the opinions of the community, a group of Hornsby Shire residents have been randomly selected to assist Council in the engagement process and ensure the future of Hornsby Park is designed, owned, used, and loved by residents. They will assist Council to consider the initial outcomes from ‘Plan Your Parkland’, choose which ideas to take forward and review the final outcomes of the engagement.
  3. Stakeholder Meetings – Round 1 Complete. Future sessions to be advised
    Council will provide key stakeholders the opportunity to provide their ideas and visions for the future parkland.
  4. ‘Plan Your Parkland’ Community Information and Feedback Sessions – Complete. Future sessions to be advised
    A showcase of the design ideas collected through the ‘Plan your Parkland’ engagement activities will be presented to the community on these days.
    Community Information and Feedback Sessions Gallery
  5. Plan Your Parkland Outcomes Report – June 2017 – Complete
    Feedback received throughout the ‘Plan Your Parkland’ was analysed and a report has been prepared outlining the key ideas and sentiments that were heard during the pre-design engagement process. Future stages of design development and engagement phases will be reported to the community.
    Download the ‘Plan Your Parkland ‘Outcomes Report
  6. EIS Communication and Engagement – October/ November 2018  – Complete (opportunity for the making of submissions coming up, dates to be advised)
    Following the ‘Plan Your Parkland’ round of engagement of 2017, Council embarked on preparing an EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) that will  soon be lodged and subject to a Development Application assessment process.

    The EIS  provides information on how Council proposes to create a safe and flexible landform for the parkland. It will address environmental impacts, mitigation measures and will inform development consent decisions.In the lead-up to the EIS being publically exhibited in early 2019, Council has engaged with the community so that they have an understanding of what the document considers,  and to inform the preparation of submissions during the exhibition period.

    [NB: The EIS does not deal with detailed landscape or recreation outcomes. A later stage of works – a more detailed phase for the development of specific landscape design and recreation outcomes for the future parkland – will follow and will be subject to separate engagement and approval processes, which may commence in 2019/ 2020].  

    Activities undertaken in October and November 2018 included:

    • Engagement by Council Staff/ members of the project team, and Elton Consulting staff:
      • Councillor Briefing – 3 October
      • CDF re-convened – 27 October
      • Stakeholder Briefing – Environmental and Bushwalking groups – 30 October
      • Swing-By Session in Hornsby Mall – 3 November
    • Consultation by Engineering Consultancy, GHD
      • Letters to surrounding 600 residential neighbours
      • Community ‘Drop-In Sessions’ – 17 and 22 October
      • Phone calls and Meetings with individuals on request

    Download the ‘Outcomes Report – Hornsby Park EIS Communication and Engagement’

    7. The Hornsby Quarry Rehabilitation Works Development Application (including the Response to Submissions and Revised Project Scope (RTS) December 2019) – Complete

    The Hornsby Quarry Rehabilitation Works Development Application closed for comment on 13 January 2020. Community engagement for the landform earthwork/ rehabilitation proposals was undertaken in October/ November 2018 prior to lodgement of the DA/ EIS and in November/ December 2019 to explain changes made in response to submissions during the DA Exhibition phase.

    Follow the link to review the Outcomes Report summarising the Response to Submissions (RTS) and feedback gained at the Swing-By Sessions during the DA Exhibition period.Download the ‘The Hornsby Quarry Rehabilitation Works Development Application – Response to Submissions and Revised Project Scope (RTS)’ Outcomes Report

    The Hornsby Quarry Rehabilitation DA is being assessed by an independent planner and reported to the Sydney North Regional Planning Panel for determination in 2020. While the period for submissions has concluded, the DA including EIS documentation and RTS for the landform earthworks construction will remain available for viewing until any Determination is made. View the documentation on Council’s on-line DA tracking service for DA/101/2019.

To disseminate information about this project, we have used a number of engagement methods including:

  • This dedicated website
  • Posters and flyers displayed in Council facilities
  • Ads and editorial coverage in the local papers
  • Social media updates
  • Emails to Council’s community mailing list
  • Letters to neighbours, stakeholders and previous participants in the site’s Plan of Management
  • George St footbridge digital display

To stay up to date on the next phase of engagement, please keep checking this website or subscribe to Council’s e-newsletter.