You Spoke, We Listened

We received forty-six (46) submissions during exhibition of the Hornsby Park Landform DA.

The majority of submissions were concerned about tree losses, potential habitat impacts and for the preservation of the volcanic diatreme that is expressed in the eastern quarry cliff face.

As a result of concerns raised, we have made some changes and have been able to further reduce the extent of works that will be undertaken on site to create Hornsby Park.

Next Steps

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The project to fill the quarry from the Northconnex tunnel is now nearing completion.

See the Transformation


The new landform allows us to begin to visualise the activities that will be suitable in each of the areas.

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Stage 1 – Complete
NorthConnex quarry filling.
<h5>Stage 1 – Complete</h5>NorthConnex quarry filling.

Stage 2
Rehabilitation works
<h5>Stage 2</h5>Rehabilitation works

Stage 3
Parkland development
<h5>Stage 3</h5>Parkland development

Anticipated Park Opening
<h5>2023</h5>Anticipated Park Opening
to Hornsby Station
anticipated opening date

Student Projects

Fifty landscape architecture students from the University of New South Wales brought their ideas for opportunities at the Hornsby park site as a major third-year project.

We selected five of these projects to highlight the diverse possibilities that can be realised at Hornsby Park. Check out these great visions.

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We answer some of the commonly asked questions about the Hornsby Park Development.

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Document Library

View the library of technical documents and plans about the Hornsby Park site including site photos, site analysis plans and geo-technical and environmental reports.

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The Hornsby Park site is located a short distance from the Hornsby CBD, approximately 800 metres from Hornsby Railway Station.

The existing Hornsby Park on Peats Ferry Road, which is home to the Hornsby Aquatic and Leisure Centre, will become the gateway to Hornsby Park.